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The Unfinished Print

Nov 30, 2023

It’s been said before, yet I feel it’s worth repeating that when making mokuhanga, you don’t make it alone. So many people influence us that it may be difficult to pinpoint who or what impacts our creative lives the most. 
In this episode of the Unfinished Print I speak with mokuhanga printmaker Hellory. Based in Italy, Hellory makes multi-colour mokuhanga with luxury techniques. She learned these techniques from her mentor, Giovanni Berio Ligustro. 
We discuss the intertwined artistic lives of Hellory and Ligustro. What learning from a mentor was like, what studying and assisting her teacher did for her work, and Hellory shares with me how she creates her mokuhanga using deluxe techniques such as gold leaf, mica, embossing, glassing and more.  

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Hellory - website

Giovanni Berio Ligustro (1924-2015) - website

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