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The Unfinished Print

Sep 30, 2023

A few years ago, I was recommended a book called Evolving Techniques in Japanese Woodblock Prints. Written by Gaston Petit, it was a new book for me. Going through it, I realized how forward-thinking it was; even though it had been published in 1977, its instruction is still relevant today. It was fascinating how it approached woodblock printmaking, taking it into the future. 
On this episode of the Unfinished Print, I speak with printmaker and author of Evolving Techniques In Japanese Woodblock Prints, Gaston Petit. We discuss how he got to write the book, interviewing some exceptional printmakers of the time, and Gaston speaks on his mokuhanga, lithography, tools, history,  pigments, and teaching. 

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Gaston Petit  - website 

The Family Portrait (1971)

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