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The Unfinished Print

Jan 17, 2022

Patty Hudak is an accomplished artist, one who uses nature, and the human condition for her work. For Patty, the intimacy of mokuhanga has been a part of her artistic journey. In this episode of The Unfinished Print I speak with artist Patty Hudak about her mokuhanga journey, her process, as well as where her artistic pursuits have taken her, around the world.

We also speak in length about the current show, The World Between The Block and The Paper, at The Southern Vermont Arts Center, one in which Patty had much to do with. The show is currently being held until March, 27th, 2022. In that conversation we touch on her work with the mokuhanga group, The Mokuhanga Sisters, the history and relationship of that group as well as the rich history of the many artists and teachers involved with the show. 

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Patty Hudak - website, Instagram

The World  Beteween The Block and the Paper - was a mokuhanga centered show held at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, Vermont from December, 11, 2021 to March, 27, 2022. It was hosted and presented by SVAC and the Mokuhanga Sisters, a mokuhanga collective of mokuhanga artists and teachers from around the world. More info, here

Yoonmi Nam - artist who works in lithography and woodblock mokuhanga. websiteInstagram 

Mia-O - artist who works in painting and mokuhanga. website, Instagram 

The Mokuhanga Sisters - are a mokuhanga collective consisting of Yoonmi Nam, Mariko Jesse, Lucy May Schofield, Melissa Schulenberg, Kate MacDonagh, Katie Baldwin, Mia-O, Patty Hudak, and Natasha Norman. Instagram

798 Art District Beijing - also called Dashanzi is an old reworked industrial district located, now art space located  in Beijing, China, beginning in 2002. More info, here.  

Chen Qi - is an artist and professor from Nanjing who lives in Beijing. His printwork is predominantly in black and white. Some of it can be found, here, here, and here

Claire Cuccio PhD - is a printmaker and woodblock print scholar. She is a part of

Ralph Kiggell - (1960-2022) was a British woodblock printmaker based in Thailand. He worked in different types of paper making and collage. He was an author, academic and valuable resource of all things woodblock. website

MI Lab - Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory is located in Tōkyō. It is a place set up for learning mokuhanga. The artist-in-residence program, having been held since 2011 on Lake Kawaguchi near Mt. Fuji, is an application based program hosting international mokuhanga practitioners who are looking to move their work forward. More information can be found, here.

April Vollmer - a mokuhanga printmaker and author. Her book Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop is an important book on the subject of mokuhanga and can be found, here. website

Tuula Moilanen - is a Finnish woodblock printmaker and scholar on the subject, and founder of the Finnish Woodcut Artists Society. website

Art Byte Critique - a network of artists in Tōkyō and around the world. website 

Louis Rouse -  is a translater, printmaker, artist, scholar and academic based in Tōkyō, Japan. website, Instagram, interview with Global Speedhere

Motoharu Asaka - is a woodblock carver and printer based in Tōkyō, Japan. website

Lucy May Schofield - is a printmaker, photographer, and scroll maker (kakemono, 掛物) and is based in England. website, Instagram.

Kate MacDonagh - is an Irish mokuhanga printmaker based in Dublin, Ireland. Kanreki was an exhibition curated by Kate MacDonagh at The Model, Sligo. Kate's website.

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) - was an Irish poet who's work contained elements of Irish history, legends and heroes. more info, here

Katsutoshi Yuasa - is a printmaker and artist based in Tokyo, Japan. His work tends to be large scale, and created through photography, bits, and focuses on the overall "image" itself.  website, Instagram

Michael D. Higgins - the ninth President of Ireland.

Dublin Castle - built in the thirteenth century and was the centre of English and British rule of Ireland and returned to Ireland in 1922. more info, here

Sailing to Byzantium - a poem by WB Yeats. It is also an installation by Patty Hudak. 

Literati Culture of China - the “four arts” associated with cultured, literate males : music, the game of go, calligraphy, and painting, as well as poetry and lyrical essays. more info, here

Katie Baldwin - a woodblock printmaker, letterpress, screen printer. website, Instagram

Jennifer Mack-Watkins -  is an artist who works in woodblock print and screen print. Her interview with me can be found, here.  website

Annie Bissett - is an artist and woodblock printmaker. website her interview with me can be found, here

Florence Neal - is an artist who works in woodblock, sculpture, and draftsperson. website

Terry McKenna - is an Australian artist based in Karuizawa, Japan. He runs the Karuizawa Mokuhanga school and is a mokuhanga artist. His interview with me is, here

Melissa Schulenberg - woodblock printmaker and teacher. some of her work can be found, here

College Women's Association of Japan - an organization dedicated to education and the arts. website. CWAJ print show website

Cone Editions Press - based in Vermont and focuses on digital printmaking working with artists for exhibitions around the world. website

bokashi - is a technique in mokuhanga where pigment and water are used together to make a gradation, adding depth to your print. 

Carl Jung's The Red Book - is a series of writings by the late psychoanalyst about the unconscious mind. NPR has a good write up about it, here

Mount Mansfield - is the tallest mountain in Vermont. It is 4393 ft.

Mount Equinox - the second highest mountain in Vermont. The monastery on the mountain is connected to the Carthusian Order

Reika Iwami (1927-2020) - was a sōsaku hanga printmaker. Artelino has some of her work, here.

kitakata paper - a printing paper made of Philippine gampi fibre. 

Ozu Washi - is a paper store located in the Nihonbashi district of Tokyo. website, Instagram

pansion paper - is a medium-heavy paper and can be found at Ozu Washi, here

McClains Printmaking Supplies - is an American woodblock printmaking supply store located in Portland, Oregon. website 

Mariko Jesse - is an illustrator and woodblock printmaker. website, Instagram

cubism - is a style of abstract painting created in 1907 by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). more info, here.

hon baren - a top of the line hand made baren made by craftsmen in Japan. It comes in different strands, 8, 12, and 16. McClains sells them, here

Shoichi Kitamura - is a master carver based in Japan. A nice article about his work can be found, here

opening and closing credit music - The Rolling Stones"Just Your Fool" from Blue And Lonesome, 2016.

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