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The Unfinished Print

Apr 30, 2021

Jennifer Mack Watkins is making thought provoking and powerful work. Jennifer’s hard work and her unique approach to mokuhanga, screen printing,  and lithography has begun to pay off. Her current solo show, “Children Of The Sun,” has been written about in The New York Times, Essence, Vogue, and Bust. Along with her solo show at the Brattleboro Musuem and Art Center in Vermont, where she organized all of the events regarding her exhibition, she is also currently taking part in Womb of Violet 2 or Unraveled. Restructured. Revealed at the Trout Museum of Art in Appleton Wisconsin. It is a group show which recognizes how marginalized  peoples have been affected by society today. In this episode of the Unfinished Print I speak with Jennifer about her mokuhanga experiences, what she has learned from travelling to Japan, what mokuhanga brings to her life as an artist and the evolution of her work. 

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Jennifer Mack-Watkins -  website Instagram 

Morris Brown/Clark Atlanta 

Power Grip - are beginner/middle range tool set which are easy to use and are perfect for all levels of carvers. This set is sold at Intaglio Printmaker in London.

Tufts University 

Pratt Institute 

Lower East Side Printshop

April Vollmer - a seasoned printmaker who wrote one of the standards in woodblock printmaking, Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop, sold wherever you buy your books. Her long and successful career as a teacher and a printmaker are unparalleled.

MI Lab - (Mokuhanga Inovation Laboratory) at Lake Kawaguchi. It is a program dedicated to the art of mokuhanga and hosts artist in residence programs.

Takuji Hamanaka - printmaker based in Brookly, NY. Uses bokashi,  a printmaking technique, predominately in his works. Unique and powerful. website Instagram

Manhattan Graphics Center 

Speedball - make printmaking tools for various styles of printmaking.

McClains Printmaking supplies - the go to woodblock printmaking supply company in the US. 

Guerra Paint and Pigments - located in NYC a wonderful place to get the colours for your prints. 

Mt. Fuji/Yamanashi Prefecture tourist website.

Female samurai existed in Japan. Called onna musha (女武者), these women warriors were associated with the ruling samurai of the time. I hate to say it, but Wikipedia has a good write up about these warriors as a start.

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892) - was one of the greatest print designers of his time. Yoshitoshi’s works straddled the line of beautiful and horrific in many of his series. Famous in the West for his One Hundred Aspects Of The Moon, Yoshitoshi’s works are highly collectable. Some of his works are available to view at the Lavenberg Collection,  and

Studio Noize Podcast -  a podcast focusing on contemporary black artists. Jennifer Mack-Watkins’ episode can be found here. 

Kremer Pigments - a NYC based pigment shop carrying all types of pigments, especially powdered pigments.

E/AB Fair

Agness Scott College

Newark Public Library

Jungle Press Editions 

Katsutoshi Yuasa - printmaker who lives in Tokyo. Began the East Tokyo Mokuhanga Studio in 2017. Creates works that are without key blocks and with a lot of bright colour.

Project For Empty Space -  “A nonprofit organization dedicated to creating safe and equitable spaces for audiences and artists alike.” This description is from their website, found here.

risograph printing - is a method of printmaking using a digital printer. More info can be found here.

opening and closing credit background music:  Zangetsu - from the album Japanese Shamisen released in the US by Lyirichord.

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