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The Unfinished Print

Jan 28, 2021

Everybody needs a helping hand. Halle Castille is an artist and assistant to printmaker John Amoss, who I interviewed here. At 26 Halle has been working diligently at her career as an artist shortly after leaving school. One of her teachers happened to be woodblock printmaker John Amoss of Tanuki Prints. Since August of 2020, Halle has been assisting John with his Appalachian Trail series as well as his social media accounts. In my interview with Halle we talk her own career, her experience with mokuhanga in an academic setting, her day to day tasks helping John undertake such an ambitious journey, as well as advice on how to navigate the social media landscape as an artist. I had a lot of fun with this interview and learned a lot. 
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Halle Castille - Instagram , Etsy 

University of North Georgia runs printmaking courses at the Dunlap-Mathis building. 

John Amoss and Tanuki Prints can be reached here and here

The Appalachian Trail print series is created by John Amoss and can be ordered here

The term “suicide prints” is in reference to the reduction method of printmaking as once you’ve cut away the wood there’s no going back. Printmaker Nick Wroblewski describes the process much better than I can. 

opening credit background music: Koop G Rap: For Da Brothaz from his debut solo album ‘4,5,6’ (1995)

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