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The Unfinished Print

Nov 9, 2022

When making mokuhanga there are many way to get to the final product. However you get there, you need to enjoy every single moment you have with it. So many twists and turns, indulging your passions with your work, anything can happen.

On this episode of The Unfinished Print I speak with printmaker Karen Pittman. With...

Aug 3, 2022

April Vollmer is one of the most important mokuhanga printmakers and authors working today. Her book, Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop, is a must have for any person interested in mokuhanga. its process, history, and the artists making it. 

On this epsiode of The Unfinished Print, I speak with April Vollmer about her...

Mar 22, 2022

Fabiola Gil Alares is one of mokuhanga's most interesting artists. Her work, with bright flat, rich colours with a romantic appeal, tells a fantastic story, one which naturally draws you to her work.

In this episode of The Unfinished Print, I speak with mokuhanga printmaker Fabiola Gil Alares about her prints, her...