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The Unfinished Print

Sep 22, 2020

Welcome to The Unfinished Print Podcast! Here I delve into the world of modern Japanese woodblock print through its artists, curators, and collectors. On the first-ever Unfinished Print Podcast, I chat with Cleveland based printmaker Cal Carlisle on his work, his woodblock print journey and what makes him love printing so much.

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Show Notes: all links are hyperlinked. Just click!

Cal Carlisle Printmaker 

David Bull/Mokuhankan: for information regarding David Bull's work through his Mokunakan group, where you can find the prints he makes and sells, as well as information about how you can do your own work. Twitch stream

Laura Wilder Prints

Roycroft artisan, Roycroft East Aurora Campus

McClain's Woodblock Printing Supply Co.

Wood-like Matsumura Printmaking Supply Co.

Beno Uki Ga mokuhanga

Jed Henry/Ukiyo-e Heroes

Holbein gouache

April Vollmer Printmaker

Guerra Paint & Pigments

William Francis Printmaker

Cam Bailey Printmaker

Matt Brown Printmaker

Stephen Winiecki Printmaker

Hiroshi Yoshida's Encyclopedia Of Woodblock Printmaking

Morgan Conservatory Cleveland

Hachiko story

Paper Connection

Arches Paper

Echizen Washi

Awagami Paperworks

Ilse Buchert Nesbitt Printmaker

John Amos/Tanuki Prints

opening credit music: Yūjirō Ishihara & Junko Makimura (銀座 の 恋 の ものがたり)

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